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How to manage spam messages

Go to: Domains > > Email Addresses > > Spam Filter

One of the following options can be chosen:

  • Mark spam messages by adding the following text to message subject :spam emails will be received and marked as spam.

  • Delete all spam messages :spam emails will not be received.

  • Disable Spam Filter :all emails will be received normally with no SpamAssassin checking.

Available for Linux only :

  • Move spam to the Spam folder :spam emails will be received and moved to spam folder.

Configure Sensitivity

Eexpand the Advanced Options section. Here you can set your Spam Filter threshold. Although 7 is the default, we find it to be extremely conservative.

If you’d like Gmail or Hotmail-level spam filtering where occasionally legitimate messages get filtered to Spam, but you get very little in your inbox, enter a value of 1.5.

If you want a nice balance where some spam might reach your inbox and legitimate email is unlikely to be filtered to Spam, enter a value of 3.

Tip : The email addresses you add on the White List section will not be checked by the spam filter.

Training your spam filter

By training Spamassassin, you’re giving it information about what kinds of spam and what kinds of non-spam email you normally receive. This way it can start to detect patterns specific to your spam (and non-spam).

All you must do is move any spam messages you received into the folder called “Spam”. All messages moved to the Spam folder will be automatically scanned and trained nightly. This means you must leave the Spam messages in the Spam folder for 24 hours before removing them.

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