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Uploading Content Using FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a method of transferring files over the Internet. To upload files via FTP, you will need a special program called an FTP client. FileZilla is a free and reliable FTP client. You can download it here:


Its documentation can be found here:


Of course, you are free to use a different FTP client if you choose. Few of them are:

  1. CyberDuck is an extremely easy to use FTP client suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.
  2. Transmit is the most popular FTP client for Mac, particularly among web developers. It comes with an extremely powerful set of features like folder syncing, disk feature, and higher speeds.
  3. Free FTP by Coffee House is a popular FTP client among Windows users. It is very beginner friendly and quite easy to use.
  4. FireFTP is a Firefox extension that integrates a powerful FTP client directly into our favorite browser. FireFTP isn't the most feature-rich client of the bunch, but if all you need is a simple FTP client for the occasional upload or download.
  5. Classic FTP is a file transfer client that’s free for non-commercial use. It has a very simple interface, which is a good thing, because it makes it easy and intuitive to use.
  6. FOFF is the acronym of Free Open FTP Face. FOFF is a multiplatform FTP Client that works fine with Windows, Linux and BSD.
  7. A cut-down version of Core FTP Pro, Core FTP LE still has a great deal to offer, and it should be more than capable of handling your file transfer needs.
  8. WinSCP , a powerful FTP client available in both standard and portable editions

To connect to an FTP server, you need the following information:

  • FTP server address. The FTP address should be ftp://your-domain-name.com, where your-domain-name.com is your site’s Internet address.
  • FTP username. It is identical to your system username. Note that the system username may differ from the username that you use for logging in to Plesk. To find what your system user name is, go to Websites & Domains and click Web Hosting Access. You will find it under Username. You can change your system username if you want.
  • FTP password. It is identical to your system user password. If you do not know what your system user password is, go to Websites & Domains and click Web Hosting Access. You can reset the password under Password.

To publish a website using FTP:

  1. Connect to your webspace on the server with an FTP client program, using your FTP account username and password.

    Enable the passive mode if you are behind a firewall. Refer to your FTP client documentation to learn how to enter passive mode.

  2. Upload the files and directories of your site to the httpdocs directory. If you use CGI scripts, place them in the cgi-bin directory.
  3. Close your FTP session.

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