Systron Linux Shared Hosting Offers PHP8 & MariaDB 10.5

  • Thursday, 23rd September, 2021
  • 10:45am

It is always an endeavor from over two decades of untiring service to offer the best in hosting solution, All our Plesk Linux Hosting Servers are running Plesk Obsidian version With Support for Multiple PHP versions right from older PHP5 (5.6.40), PHP7 (ver 7.0.33), PHP7.1 (ver 7.1.33), PHP7.2 (ver 7.2.34), PHP7.3 (ver 7.3.30), PHP7.4 (ver 7.4.23) up to PHP8 (ver 8.0.10) With MySQL/MariaDB version 10.5.12. .

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